A delicious idea, in the United Kingdom, is giving the public an opportunity to feast on scrumptious cakes. In turn the proceeds of this venture are used to feed vulnerable people in Uganda.

Jo’s Bakes is the brainchild of Joelle Montgomery, Feed A Million Mouths International’s UK Communications Officer. The new homemade baking service offers a select range of the public’s favorites as well as special requests for special occasions.

As the name suggests, FAMMI’s aim is to feed one million impoverished people living in Uganda. Operating as a social enterprise, FAMMI partners with people and organisations who are willing to ‘Buy Breakfast’ for at-risk people and communities. Another key means for FAMMI to carry out its work comes thanks to global Buy Breakfast food sponsoring efforts.

As UK Communications Officer, Joelle’s role is to deal with UK marketing. She promotes awareness and generates food sponsorship for the vulnerable in Uganda in her role in the UK. One of her latest initiatives is Jo’s Bakes, established early this year. She explained: “In February this year, in the run up to Mother’s Day I had motherhood on my mind a lot. I really wanted to focus on the mother’s that we help through FAMMI. These mother’s are unlikely to receive the celebrations and the praises I was about to get from my little boys.”


“I felt I should do something about it. I bake a lot anyway and always have done. I enjoy it and always get asked to make the cakes for friends and families. I figured there was something in it and I may as well make it count. So I set up Jo’s Bakes.” Joelle charges a fee for the bakes and all profits are split between two initiatives that support mothers and their children in Africa – one of which is FAMMI. She dedicates her donations to pregnant teenagers, a key area of focus for FAMMI.

“Jo’s Bakes is just one example of how the public can be proactive in supporting an organisation like FAMMI Joelle explained” She added “With fundraising, people should find what they are good at – what they are happy to do for free, and use it as a fundraising opportunity.”

“I do it with the baking, others may be good at painting and may want to auction one of their paintings or photographs, etc. Sponsored runs or walks are also good. My friend Cara did a 10kms run in June for FAMMI and raised just under £200.”


She added: “I understand that disposable income isn’t always available these days – so I try to find creative ways for people to still be able to help.” Joelle says that the response from the UK public has been very positive. As for reception of Jo’s Bakes and the wider support for FAMMI she says “I think around London it is growing and I do feel like FAMMI is going places. It is a fantastic concept.”
“People have been really responsive and something like Jo’s Bakes makes it easy for them to get involved. Any time they have a special occasion, they order their cakes from me which eases the pressures of preparation for them and in turn supports FAMMI.”

Anyone wishing to get involved in fundraising for FAMMI in the UK or globally can contact Joelle at or on 00447807541283. Those who would like to support FAMMI through the Buy Breakfast initiative can do so at For more information on Jo’s Bakes, visit its Facebook page, Baking4Mums.
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About the Author: Eoin Scanlon is the Commissioning Editor for the FAMMI News Desk. He is based in Ireland but has in-depth knowledge of Uganda, having lived there for an extensive period.

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